Malaysia and Beyond

International commercial dispute resolution in Asia Pacific

We regard Malaysia as the ideal location from which to provide assistance to clients in the common law jurisdictions of greater Asia Pacific.

Typically, our clients are engaged or threatened to be engaged in an international commercial dispute resolution process.
They need help and guidance. Our position both geographically and our legal environment could not be better.
Neighboring jurisdictions such as Singapore and Hong Kong, or as far as Australia, New-Zealand or India, share the same legal culture with regard to litigation, and to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) e.g. arbitration.
In addition to which, they are more accessible from Malaysia than from the USA or from Europe.

Therefore, we are grateful to the Malaysian Bar Council for having given us the authorization to set up a legal practice in the Federal Territory of Labuan, at the heart of Asia, as early as 1996.

Girard-Foley & Assosiates